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Decades of Experience

Our captains have a combined 50+ years of parasailing experience, with a 100% safety record. We are fully license and insured. So sit back and relax, you're in great hands.

We give you very basic, easy to follow instructions and safety procedures. Don't be surprised if we crack a couple jokes, we like to have fun too!


Our Flying Location

You can find us at Bell Harbor Marina, situated at 2203 Alaskan Way, Slip T1, in the beautiful city of Seattle, WA 98121.

For your convenience, the walking entrance to the marina is conveniently located right next to the outdoor seating area at Anthony's Pier 66 & Bell Street Diner.

Please note that the marina does not have parking available. We recommend arriving early to secure street or garage parking, as availability can be limited.

In order to ensure a smooth experience for all passengers, we kindly request that you arrive on time, as we are unable to refund passengers who are late for trips due to parking issues. Your punctuality is greatly appreciated.

Upon your arrival, our team will be waiting outside the gate to the marina approximately 5 minutes or less before your scheduled trip. They will be happy to escort you to the boat and assist you with any necessary arrangements.

Once aboard, you can look forward to a brief and enjoyable boat ride from our dock to the magnificent fly zone: Elliot Bay. The area is renowned for its natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and a breathtaking million-dollar view of the Seattle skyline. It truly is an idyllic location.

Our Professional Crew


Captain Alan

Captain Alan boasts an extensive 20-year tenure in the field of parasailing, along with a notable USCG 100-ton master's credential. His expertise extends across various regions, encompassing the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, where he has engaged in parasailing activities.


Captain Alan is widely recognized for his adeptness in seamlessly navigating boats, showcasing exceptional boat handling skills.


Moreover, he takes immense pride in his recent parenthood, having become the father of a newborn baby boy.


Captain Mike

Captain Mike is a seasoned veteran in the realm of parasailing, boasting an impressive track record of over three decades at the helm of parasail boats. He further bolsters his credentials with a USCG 100-ton master's credential, underscoring his exemplary maritime expertise.


Having ventured to various destinations across the globe, Captain Mike has amassed a wealth of experience in airborne activities.


Notably, he garners recognition for his engaging storytelling abilities and unwavering commitment to professionalism.

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